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3D Building Services Modelling

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At DESIGNPHASE we help you to present your Electrical, Plumbing or Mechanical Services Design in the clearest way to your Client or Installers. 

We offer two levels of 3D Modelling detail. ‘Components only’ or ‘Components and Connections’. 

‘Components only’ includes all the main services components you would see in a space from Boilers, Electrical panels to Radiators, Sockets & switches.  By presenting this to your client, this can be sufficient to illustrate how everything will be laid out.  But, if you need more to assist an Installer or want to refine the layout based on connection configuration then we offer..


Components and Connections. This includes the main cabling, pipework and ducting runs which can really help to define service routes, the space required for them and find the tidiest layout.


The process is a game changer in helping you to refine the design before construction begins. This can avoid installing equipment and services in the wrong place which can be a costly affair and avoid costly delays to a building programme. Our clients often feedback they can achieve a full return on this investment. 


The package we provide is approached in 3 simple steps.


  1. Ensure we have a 3D model of your space or building. We can produce this from a sketch, a 2D plan or import an existing 3D model. 

  2. We arrange an Online Services Markup Meeting with you. At this we work through your requirements or if you have pre marked up plans, we discuss these with you before we begin.

  3. We produce and send you the 3D services model. This is sent as a link that can be easily accessed from an internet browser. It allows you to view the space from any angle and screenshot views as you wish. 


If you can see this being helpful, then you are in the right place.  View our products tab where most Services Modelling Scenarios are available to directly order.


If you don’t see what you need then contact us for a bespoke quotation and we will aim to come back to you within two working days. 

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